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Lift Express

Access Control is an important system to many organizations such as ski resorts, amusement parks, zoos, recreation facilities, and health clubs. Ticket fraud or abuse can cost you as much as 10% or your gross revenue. It has been estimated that the investment in Lift Express can be repaid through reduced losses as quickly as within the first year.

Lift Express is convenient for your customers while providing valuable customer data that will help you to understand your customer, usage patterns, visit frequency and the value of each customer to your organization. You will have powerful marketing tools for communicating to customers, developing new products, managing customer loyalty programs and yield management.

Lift Express is an efficient access control system which is fully integrated with Ticket Express and Pass Express. It was initially developed for the ski industry to validate lift tickets and passes at the base of the resort or for each ski lift. However, the same technology can be utilized in any situation where ticket pricing is complicated and has many variations or where multiple membership classes exist and require tracking (for example by the hour, half day, full day, multiple day admission pricing structures or membership options).

Lift Express utilizes Radio Frequency (RF) technology to instantaneously check and validate lift tickets and passes. Through hand held scanners or RF controlled gates, Lift Express:

  • Processes data
  • Updates usage databases
  • Returns an Accept or Reject message to the terminal
  • This process occurs in milliseconds resulting in customer convenience and increased revenue protection.

Lift Express offers many exciting revenue opportunities in addition to the improvement to your financial bottom line. These include:

  • Development of new products based on customer behavior
  • Pricing based on peak vs. non-peak usage
  • Tiered pass products
  • Targeted marketing campaigns for retention and up sell

Key Features and Benefits of Lift Express

  • RF technology validates quickly and works in all types of environments. Using scanners reduces fraud by its very visibility, preventing abuse by its existence as well as its actual usage.
  • Management reporting tracks activity by lift, gate or facility improving manpower allocation and greater facility utilization.
  • Product usage data and customer tracking enhances the ability to create new product types and control their use. This improves yield management and customer service.
  • Lift Express has a quick ROI, usually provided within the first year due to reduced ticket fraud or special pricing abuse. A scanner can be presented to the customer as a data gathering tool instead of a fraud prevention tool improving the interaction between employee and customer while accomplishing both goals.
  • Displays Pass Pictures on the Scanner for additional fraud prevention.