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RetailExpress - Setup Zebra TLP 2824 Driver (retail labels)

1) Install the ZDesigner TLP 2824 Plus (EPL) Driver
2) Under Printer Preferences (control panel/printers) setup the folllowing
a) Go to the stock tab and create a stock entry called "Retail Label"  setting darkness 4, speed 2, label width 2, label height 1, and unprintable area to all zero.
b) On the options tab set the stock to "Retail Label" you just created
c) check advanced settings are direct thermal, label w/gaps, no device options checked, set the gap to .09 and the rest to zero and set the cutter to never.
3) run axs central/printer setup  and drag the ZDesigner TPL 2824 Plus (EPL) to the retail label on the left.

NOTE:   Label Width/Height and Gap are specific to they label you are using