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LiftExpress - Lock Your Handheld for LiftExpress

Download Motorola AppCenter

1) Download Windows Mobile 5-6 below..
If you are running Windows Mobile 5
Copy from the zip to your /applications drive on the handheld.

If you are Running Windows Mobile 6 
Copy from the zip to your /applicatoins drive on the handheld

2) Download AppCenter-User.cfg below
    copy AppCenter-User.cfg to \Application\Program Files\Odyssey Software\AppCenter

3) create shortcut to \Application\Program Files\Odyssey Software\AppCenter\AppCenter.exe in \Windows\Startup
(on device file explorer right click on exe and paste shortcut)

Warm Boot (hold red power button for 10 sec)

default admin password is symbol

after you enter your password you can go to options(in AppCenter) admin tab to change the password.   Don't forget it!

Please let me know if I need to add more instructions.... (Tom)