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LIFTEXPRESS - Hotlist a Ticket or Pass

To hotlist a ticket in LiftExpress when ticket and passexpress terminals do not automatically post.

Browse to your liftexpress server http://liftexpress   (or whatever host you have setup)

Go to Transactions/HotList

Enter the TicketId or PassId you want to hotlist
Change the ReturnCode drop down to "Hotlist" or "Ticket was Flagged as Hot"
If you want the hotlist to be temporary select a message until date.  The date is inclusive so if you put in 11/29/2019 it will be hot untill 11/30/2019
If you want an additional message to come up add that to the Message Field 
Press Submit.  (this will send the transaction to the LiftExpress service and it will be active.

If you would like to clear a hotlist:
Enter the TicketId or PassId then select "Good Ticket" as the return code.    
Press Submit and the hotlist will be cleared.

Thomas Billstrand,
Nov 29, 2019, 7:36 AM