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iSales Client Delivery Process

The following process is setup for creating and  printing ticket deliveries.

1) Maintain Delivery options under /manage/Site/Delivery Options.  
2) Tour Operator Deliver options must be turned on by the system administrator.   Business/Setup/SiteOptions

Creating a Delivery:
1) Run iSalesClient and press the Create Delivery button in the center of the screen.
2) Enter the Delivery Date (Date you are going to deliver tickets),  Include the start and end date (of calculated order delivery dates) to include in this delivery)   Delivery dates if not entered are calculated as at least one day prior to the first ski date in an order).    NOTE:   You can enter a much later END date to include weekend etc.. deliveries..   (ie. if you are creating a delivery for Friday Aug 28th and want to include all tickets missed from the last delivery set the start date to Aug 1st and set the end date to Sept 4th.   That will include any orders that were not in a delivery since Aug 1st and all orders set for delivery through the next Friday.  When you create the next delivery set the start date back to your last delivery date and set the end date to your next scheduled delivery.)   

Printing Delivery:
1) Select the delivery date drop down on the iSalesClient.
2) Press the Search button to bring up tickets included in this delivery.
3) Print the Tickets for delivery  (or you can print the report below first) 
4) On the management site under reports run the Delivery Report selecting the delivery date after you select the report. This will be the delivery receipt to the delivery option(location).