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iSales - Creating Links to Specific Categories

Problem:   I want to create a link to a specific category on my iSalesSite catalog.

Link to point in page still showing all Categories
1)  Add an ID to your catalog name
Example:  in setup/Category/edit change your category name from Season Pass to <h2 id="SP">Season Passes</h2>

2) Your external link to that specific tag is

Note if you want to create a link within the same catalog page reference the link as #SP

If you want to limit the site to a specific Category and Type
The correct link to filter category would be 
That will stay with the browser session until you send

You can also group categories together using CategoryType=Ticket will limit the categories accordingly.

That can be cleared by setting CategoryType=ALL

Make sure you are using the Catalog/Route   not Catalog/Default.