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iSales - Adding an Image to iSalesSite

To upload a custom image to isalessite.

1) login into
2) Click on site/Content Files
3) Make sure your file name is descriptive so you will be able to pick it from a list.
4) Click Choose File then press Upload File to upload the file into iSales.

File must be > 5bytes and < 200bytes. larger images will effect performance.

Product Images
to reference these files and show them next to your product

1) Selection Action / Edit for the product you want to show the image.
2) under the retail tab you can reference the file
Thumbnail = Will put the file to the left on the product list in your site.   (use only if you image is small)
Full Image = Will show the image on the detail screen when you are purchasing the product.

Using Images in Site Customization
you can reference these images in your site customization.

When defining your HTML (for developers) you can reference your files using the content files name reference


the {SiteContent} is replaced with the storage location at runtime so don't worry if it doesn't show in development.